Brian Adamson, originally a Dub, managed numerous famous bars in Dublin, The Pembroke and the famous Barcley Dunnes. Barcley dunnes would have been a regular watering hole for many famous irish actors etc, Patrick Kavanagh, Brendan Beehan, Luke Kelly, Gabriel Byrne, and Nial Jordan.... but we digress

Early in 1982 a car drew to a stop on Analore Street, Clones. Inside was a family of 5 who would change their lives by choosing Clones.

The early 80’s saw Ireland deep in recession, interest rates where soaring at a heady 17% and the pint of Plain had risen to 52p despite the protests of thirsty punters countrywide. Unemployment and emigration decimated the country and the Troubles raged, the outlook was bleak indeed. Proposing a new business back then was madness akin to asking a bank manager to fund an estate of 100 holiday homes in deepest darkest Cavan. But with a resolute determination and blind faith, the new owners of Slowey’s Bar and Lounge, Brian and Ann Adamson, where unperturbed as they looked up at the sign that would soon bear their name.

Ann (nee Slowey) was returning to the comfort of her family and her home town, in her arms she held a babe in swaddling clothes, Ross, and calmed her other excited boys Stephen and Ronan. Brian, a dyed in the wool Dub, had already a lifetime’s valuable experience behind him as barman and manager of various Dublin hostelries; The Pembroke, Bartley Dunne’s and Break for the Border. He relished the thought of communing with a more sophisticated rural clientele but the tablets he was on soon cured him of that notion!

Much work lay ahead of them as they realized their ideas for the new business and on 6th March 1982 they opened the doors of Adamsons, Analore Bar. Immediately the people of Clones where introduced to a bright new fun entertainment venue. Built in the heyday of the pub lounge in the 70’s, the premises were ideal for large and small gatherings alike.

It took time to grow the business but Brian, Ann and family never lost the faith and invested heavily in making the pub one of the best appointed in the locality. Live music to suit all tastes, 21st’s, cards, quizzes, after match gatherings all found a perfect home under the watchful and professional management of Ann and Brian.

If the walls of Adamsons Bar and Lounge could speak they would tell numerous tales of great days and nights of fun. With the locals they also witnessed key moments in the history of Clones and Ireland; The crowning of Clones’s own Barry McGuigan as World Champion and Monaghan winning the National League title all in one crazy summer in 1985. They would also speak highly of Ireland’s exploits in the Euro Championships in 88 and they watched as the soccer mad country went berserk at Italia 90 and USA 94. Other notable events where the filming of The Butcher Boy when cast and crew and locals alike ended hard days of filming with music and a drink. Neil Jordan even played a few tunes on the lounge stage. They also gratefully absorbed the cheers as local hero Kevin McBride felled the giant that was Mike Tyson and watched as a new Millennium was ushered in by the celebrating clientele. Most recently the success of the Farney Army brought tears to many of the hardiest of Clones men.

They would also tell you of their own revamp as the Lounge and Bar where refurbished in 1999 and rollercoaster surge in business the trendy new venue brought in.

Whatever your tastes, you could find them over the years on these premises; a quiet drink by a glorious open fire or a night of dancing and socializing among the throngs in the lounge. Many famous celebs also found time for a drink and a retreat from the hustle and bustle of life , Dara O’Brian, Neil Jordan, Damien Duff, the late Frank Carson, Ryan Sheridan and Ryan Tubridy have all sampled the eclectic wares on offer on the shelves of Adamsons Bar and Lounge. 


Analore Street,
Clones, Co. Monaghan, Ireland.
Telephone: 047 51250